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Eco-solvent Solution

Eco-solvent Printing Solution

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Eco-solvent printer is a device that uses organic solvent inkjet technology, also known as low volatile organic compound inkjet printer. Its working principle is to spray the organic solvent that dissolves the organic pigment onto the printing material, and then wait for the solvent to evaporate and the pigment to be fixed on the surface of the material. Compared with water-based inkjet printers and solvent inkjet printers, eco-solvent inkjet printers are better than solvent inkjet printers in terms of environmental protection.


Advantages of eco-solvent printing


1.In recent years, eco-solvent printing has been widely used in outdoor advertising inkjet printing because it has very good compatibility with many printing media. In high-precision Epson printhead printing applications, it can achieve very high-precision image screen printing output, and supports better waterproof and UV protection for outdoor use. It also has better color effects in color reproduction, long-lasting colors, and is not prone to color cast and fading.

2.The images printed with eco-solvent ink are particularly strong, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, indelible, water-resistant, sun-resistant and oxidation-resistant. Compared with water-based ink, weak solvent ink maintains the advantages of high precision of water-based ink while overcoming the disadvantages of water-based ink, such as the harshness of the substrate and the inability to use the images produced outdoors.

3.The biggest advantage of eco-solvent printing is its environmental friendliness. Weak solvent ink is a non-toxic, light-smell, non-corrosive weak solvent ink with bright and realistic colors and smooth printing, stable performance and long shelf life.

4.Eco-solvent printing is a printing technology that uses ink. Compared with water-based printing and solvent printing, its quick-drying performance is better. After printing, the printing equipment using eco-solvent ink will evaporate and dry quickly, thus achieving the purpose of fast production effect.

Application Areas

Billboard:Billboards printed with eco-solvent are resistant to high temperatures, sunlight and abrasion.

Light Box:The patterns printed by weak solvents are colorful and are perfect for making light box cloths. The light tubes illuminate the cloth, making the content on the light box cloth bright.

Bus sign:It can be used to make bus signs, which are corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant. It can effectively solve the problems of acid rain corrosion and sun exposure.

Mural:Eco-solvent printing can also be used to print interior murals, injecting bright colors into decorations and furniture, and enhancing the indoor atmosphere.

And so on.

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