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Eco-solvent Solution

Eco-solvent Printing Solution

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Eco-solvent printing is a process that uses special eco-solvent ink to transfer patterns onto advertising materials. People use it to make advertisements, and common advertising materials include light box cloth, car stickers, lettering films, etc. This process is sun-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and corrosion-resistant. I believe that eco-solvent printing is the best choice for people to make advertisements.


Advantages of eco-solvent printing


1.Eco-solvent printer can be used to print outdoor advertisements, such as banners, billboards, light boxes, posters, etc. Eco-solvent can also be used to print interior decorations, such as indoor paintings, wallpapers, decorations, etc. Eco-solvent have a wide range of uses.

2.The advertising patterns printed by eco-solvent are of high precision and bright colors, which are eye-catching.

3.The patterns printed by eco-solvent have low odor, which is in line with today's green and environmentally friendly ecological concepts.

Application Areas

Billboard:Billboards printed with eco-solvent are resistant to high temperatures, sunlight and abrasion.

Light Box:The patterns printed by weak solvents are colorful and are perfect for making light box cloths. The light tubes illuminate the cloth, making the content on the light box cloth bright.

Bus sign:It can be used to make bus signs, which are corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant. It can effectively solve the problems of acid rain corrosion and sun exposure.

Mural:Eco-solvent printing can also be used to print interior murals, injecting bright colors into decorations and furniture, and enhancing the indoor atmosphere.

And so on.

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