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UV DTF Solution

UV DTF Printing Solution

Lancelot provides various printing solutions to all over the world!

UV DTF printing technology has become increasingly popular among startups in recent years. Attracted by its versatility and high-resolution effects. It is the first choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals today.

Choosing the right UV DTF (Direct-to-film) printer has an essential impact on improving production efficiency, printing quality, and reducing cost-effectiveness.

CMYKW+Varnish solution:

1.Usually, this solution requires using 3 print heads for printing, one print head prints CMYK, one print head prints white ink, and one print head prints varnish.

2.First, print white ink on film A as a base, then print CMYK, and then print varnish.

3.Second, transfer to film B using a laminator or manually

4.Finally, cut out the printed pattern, peel off film A and stick it on the object, and then peel off film B to complete.


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