DTF transfer film

DTF transfer film

    DTF transfer film is mainly coated with the international advanced anilox coating technology, using nano-scale composite materials combined with anion and yang particles and silicone oil to achieve the effect of fixing the ink color and separating the pattern to the surface of the fabric. Uniform coating, fixed-point spraying, constant temperature coating, high temperature drying.


 Process flow of anilox coater:

  Substrate unwinding--coating unit--drying unit--drawing unit--winding unit

1.Coat the back with a matte bottom, apply glue, oven dry, and roll up 

  1. 2. Apply the front matte bottom, apply glue, oven dry, and roll up 

3. Release from the top, oven dry, and roll up

4. Apply the ink-absorbing layer, oven dry, and rewind 

Main materials and equipment:

Coating liquid: The prepared coating liquid is generally water-based, and the main components are water, leveling agent, functional coating liquid, curing agent and catalyst.

80m high temperature oven: It adopts arch design and uses gas machine to dry. The oven temperature is controlled by sections, and the fan is controlled by frequency conversion. The air nozzle and inner tank are made of 304 stainless steel, and the guide roller inside the oven is active and synchronized with the host.

Through the transmission of belts, chains or cables, the coating mechanism moves up and down to coat along the surface of the wire mesh. The transmission mechanism is continuously on the servo or frequency conversion motor, which makes it operate stably and can control the position of the coating mechanism.

Automatic packaging machine: It is packed with pearl cotton, and then bagged into the carton to effectively prevent the film from being damaged.

High temperature boilers: provide long-lasting continuous power

Environmentally friendly waste discharge: waste gas collection, UV photolysis treatment, activated carbon adsorption, no pollution discharge.

1. Control the source material, inspect the quality of layers and PET films.

2.Production process inspection, full inspection of every link in the production process.



3.For batch testing of finished products, each roll of film is set to a different number for testing.


4.Packaging finished product inspection, drop resistance, compression level inspection and control.

5.Temperature and humidity limit detection, for different temperature and humidity, carry out the detection of limit endurance.

6.Customer feedback is perfect. Through customer feedback, we can look back to find out the possible problems in production, and timely check and fill in the gaps.

Film development:

The company has a complete layer liquid laboratory, and there are 2 full-time developers, who carry out formula research for different processes.

In response to market demand, we continue to improve the research on layer materials. Launched one after another, colorful, colorful, luminous, flash gold, flash silver, fluorescent and other layers. Continuously improve the effect of heat transfer.


Reasons to choose us:

1. Select raw materials: adopt new technological raw materials and innovate independently.

2. Uniform coating: advanced equipment ensures uniform coating.

3. Production environment: dust-free workshop, 100,000-level production workshop.

4. Factory warehouse: sufficient inventory all the year round, support spot wholesale, stable supply.

5. Timely delivery: real shots of loading and delivery (with photos), quick delivery from stock, and large shipments

6. Intimate after-sales: customer-centric service concept, try to meet customer needs.

Zhuhai Lancelot, your best choice

Product Features:


1. Convenient, can be torn hot or cold

2. The posture is smooth and the sex is good

3. Good ink absorption, no ink bleeding

4. Environmentally friendly coloring is bright and clear

5. Price


1. Good ink load

2. Cold tearable

3. Not easy to be near the water




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