30cm xp600 is an overall printing solution, from printing to powder shaking to pressing, which saves some workload in the middle, realizes the advantages of no hollowing, no waste discharge, and no engraving, and has white ink circulation stirring to avoid sedimentation and blockage; printing The pattern is not cracked, resistant to elongation, waterproof and other functions, small and does not occupy a lot of space, and the market is a hot-selling printing solution.


The development data of this program is based on our company's double-head xp600. The powder shaker is equipped with a front heating plate. Features: 2 nozzles, 1 nozzle for CMYK, FY, FM, 1 nozzle for white, using fluorescent series For printing, two fluorescent inks can be applied at the same time, and the printing pattern is bright and bright, personalized and creative, and cost-effective.

Printing speed: 6 pass4 (㎡/h) 8 pass 2 (㎡/h)

Application industry: clothing, shoes and hats, sporting goods, import and export indicators.

The cost is low, the market is large, it can be set up on the street, can be mass-produced, and is flexible and convenient.

Printing principle:

For example, a 4-head heat transfer film printer prints on the heat transfer film by direct injection of heat transfer, and uses the ink on the surface of the pattern to stick to the hot melt as a new process for hot stamping on clothes as a transfer medium;

1. The heat transfer film printer uses special ink to directly spray on the PET transparent film, and the printed picture is full of color and clearly visible;

2. Then pass the powder shaker (hot melt powder drying equipment) oven, baking lamp, hot air gun, etc., to melt and dry the heat sticking on the pattern;

3. After cutting the pattern, set the heat transfer temperature at 150-160°C through an electric/manual heat transfer pressing machine, and press for 10 seconds;

4. The PET film on the clothes is peeled off from the clothes, the heat transfer is completed, and after the washing and rubbing test, the pictures are not detached and the color fastness is high;

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