We have a strong R&D and technical after-sales team, who are very skilled in the operation and maintenance of each printer, assisting customers with regular testing and debugging, listening to customers' voices and providing technical guidance. We are able to provide quick and professional solutions for every problem. Collect feedback and improvement suggestions from customers to properly position our development and research. In 2022, our company independently developed eight colors to issue eight color scheme, eight colors light color scheme, eight colors big red treasure blue scheme, eight colors fluorescent scheme.

The introduction of eight-color solution can better restore the color of the picture. Listening to customers' needs and creating value for them, the following are the eight-color series of solutions launched by our company for you to choose.

The development data of this program is based on our i3200 4 head printer for reference, which needs to be match with a guide belt shaking powder machine, which has 4 printheads , using the Hosen board, the software is mainly used for the pre-processing of digital image output - image RIP (Raster Image Processor) .RIP for large outdoor printers, photo machines, printing machines, digital proofing machines tailored to professional output process, using RIP for professional digital image output, your work will be easy and the image output will be perfect! RIP for large outdoor printers, printers, printers, digital proofing machines customized professional output process, using RIP for professional digital image output, your work will become easier, the image output will be more perfect!

RIP Color Management Software Product Details.

Professional digital image output solution features:

●simple user interface

● Picture step and repeat intelligent imposition function

● Split collage of large images supports vector file output

● Support spot color printing Support multi-level grayscale dots

● Support drawing software to directly output dual color mode: standard ICC mode, imitation ICC mode (bright mode) Core technology: "FullColor" color processing engine is developed based on industry standard ICC technology, which can fully control color, and has developed a series of tools to control And confirm the color, can help customers to optimize the color reproduction effect. Correct color differences between multiple printers and different consumables. Improve production efficiency, improve quality levels, and reduce losses. "Extreme" FM Dots Preprocess screen templates for faster processing. Randomly select a stencil to remove the stencil texture. Intelligent distribution of dots, true restoration of original grayscale changes. Using delicate FM dots, the output dot image is smoother and the details are more expressive. Multi-level gray-scale dot technology can well support large and small printing technology.


Features: Compared with CMYK, the color performance of the eight-color scheme is bright, and the saturation, brightness and lightness are higher. It can better satisfy customers with a high degree of color.

Printing speed: 6 pass21 (㎡/h) 8 pass 14 (㎡/h)

Application industry: clothing, shoes and hats, sportswear, etc.


Features: a nozzle to play big red blue light blue light black, a print CMYK, two print white. In the original eight-color scheme based on the addition of large red and blue is to improve the richness of the printing color. Light-colored ink can be adjusted to light-colored details part of the pattern highlights have details, while the level is also well preserved, the image restoration is very high.

Application industry : Various industries of clothing, such as sportswear, swimwear, cycling clothing, etc.

Printing speed: 6 pass21 (㎡/h) 8 pass 14 (㎡/h)


Features; 1 nozzle to print light blue light red light black, 1 nozzle to print CMYK, 2 nozzles to print white, compared to CMYK, 8-color light color scheme of 8-color performance is more superior, light color image of the actual printing performance than 4-color more delicate, higher reproduction. Color brightness and other effects have been greatly improved. This allows the pattern transition colors and gradient colors to be more smooth and natural, without color gradations. The pattern is closer to the color seen on the screen.

Application industry: garments in various industries, such as sportswear, swimwear, cycling clothes, etc.

Printing speed: 6 pass21 (㎡/h) 8 pass 14 (㎡/h)


Features: 1 printhead to print FO, FM, FY, FG, 1 printhead to print CMYK, 2 printheads to print white. With eight-color fluorescent series program, printing pattern color is bright and vivid, can bring a cool visual effect experience, when the color ink with fluorescent color printing effect is extraordinary.

Application industry: clothing, shoes and hats, sporting goods, import and export of the indication signs.

Printing speed: 6 pass21 (㎡/h) 8 pass 14 (㎡/h)

Eight-color series of programs this printing process the most important features:

1. No need to discharge waste and no hollowing, directly hot stamped on T-shirts;

2. No restrictions on fabrics, any fabric can be printed; 

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