How to solve the blockage of the printer nozzle


How to solve the blockage of the printer nozzle? Nowadays, many white ink heat transfer printers adopt the design method of separating the nozzle and the ink sac. Because most of the printer ink is "quick-drying", such as the quality of the printer ink, the working environment of the printer, and the long idle time of the printer will lead to The nozzles of the white ink printhead are plugged. So today, let Zhuhai Lancelot discuss with you how to solve the problem of the blockage of the nozzle of the printer!

When the white ink printer does not produce ink and is blocked, it is mainly manifested in horizontal stripes on the surface of the printed manuscript, and some colors cannot be printed at all, especially when printing images. There are many reasons for the blockage, the main culprits are as follows:

1. The influence of the print head voltage on the print head, the appropriate voltage is very important, too low voltage will affect the printing effect, too high will cause plugging.

2. The influence of static electricity on the printer and ink is also one of the reasons why the ground wire of the printer is required.

3. The ink quality is not good enough, causing the blockage of the nozzle.

4. Too high ink viscosity will cause the ink to stick in the ink delivery tube, resulting in insufficient ink supply and insufficient ink jetting, especially in winter.

5. If the ink viscosity is too low, the ink is too thin, the inkjet speed is fast, and the ink will be reflected back to the nozzle when it is sprayed on the cloth, causing the ink to accumulate on the nozzle and cause the nozzle to be blocked.

6. The sharp change of temperature and humidity will cause the blockage of the nozzle after the damage to the nozzle and the ink.

7. The influence of work habits on the print head, such as the ink pad should not have dirt and hard objects to avoid scratching the print head during cleaning.

8. The influence of cleaning method on the nozzle, it is recommended to wipe the nozzle with a soft sponge or sponge swab instead of ordinary toilet paper.

How to solve the blockage of the ink nozzle of the white ink printer?

Zhuhai Lancelot suggests that you only need to pay attention to the above points in order to make the service life of the white ink heat transfer printer longer

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