Our Company Has Launched 1.6m XP600 Single Head In 4,2022.

May 12, 2022

 The production process of digital printing is simply to input the computer through various digital means such as scanning, digital photos, images or various digital patterns produced and processed by the computer, and then processed by the computer color separation printing system, and then passed by the dedicated RIP software. Its printing system sprays various special dyes (reactive, dispersive, acidic main paint) directly onto various fabrics or other media, and then after processing, obtains the required various high-quality dyes on various textile fabrics. Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, high-precision printing products have the following advantages:

1. The principle of digital printing technology allows its products to break the traditional production of color and the limit of the length of the flower back, which can achieve the printing effect of high-end printing on textile fabrics.

Because digital printing technology can use digital patterns, through computer color measurement, color matching, spray printing, so that the color of digital printing products can theoretically reach 16.7 million kinds, breaking through the traditional textile printing and dyeing pattern color registration limit, especially in the color In the printing of high-precision patterns such as gradation and moiré, digital printing has unparalleled advantages in technology. In addition, traditional printing patterns are often limited by the length of "flower back", while the concept of "flower back" may not exist in the process of digital printing, which greatly expands the space for textile pattern design and improves the quality of products.

2. Digital printing production truly realizes a small batch, fast response production process, and the production batch is not subject to any restrictions.

Since the digital printing production process is all computerized digital production, the flexibility of production is greatly improved, and some products can even be delivered on the same day, which is immediately desirable. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, printing a series of patterns with different tones of the same pattern, as well as the designer's continuous modification of the colors during the production process, has become a major technical advantage of digital printing production that is different from traditional printing production.

3. The high-precision printing process makes it unnecessary to use water and color paste in the printing process.

The use of dyes in the printing process is "distributed on demand" by the computer, so that during the printing process, there is no waste of dyestuffs and no waste water. During the printing process controlled by the computer, no noise is generated, making the printing process There is no pollution, and the green production process is realized, so that the production of textile printing can get rid of the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution and high noise in the past, and realize the production process of low energy consumption and pollution-free, which has brought about the production of textile printing and dyeing. A technological revolution.

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