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fast dry sublimation paper 
 A4:100pcs/ pack ,   A3:50pcs/pack
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* Notes for heat transfer paper
(a)Application of the heat transfer paper ?
Transfer printing :Non cotton T shirts (less than 30% cotton ),ceramic cups and plates,porcelain pieces, puzzles, metal plate,pearlessscent plate, slate painting,pillow ,cloth bag,mobile phone case, mouse pad and other plane products.

(b)Distinguish between front and back of printing paper ?
A-sub heat sublimation transfer paper white surface for printing, pink surface for the back ,heat sublimated transfer paper belongs to slow drying paper, it is recommended to dry for a while after printing , better effect.

(c) Note on paper use? Because the paper surface has coating,put in the air for a long time may be slightly rolled up,Before printing please roll the paper in the opposite direction, folding the two ends of the paper down to avoid the printer paper jam(in case of paper jam, please set the printer property"paper"option to coated paper or envelope).

(d) Notes for transfer:Do not touch the image on the surface of the paper with your finger to avoid leaving fingerprints on the image To the cup When fixing drawings, do not rub the drawings back and forth in the cup so as not to rub the paper surface color affect your transfer quality.

(e) Avoid Bad hot stamping pattern tips:

1. Light color: uneven temperature or pressure or short time.

2. Pattern blurry: excessive time leads to ink diffusion 

3. Pattern surface without gloss: too much pressure or too high temperature

4. Pattern local blur: heat distribution uneven in hot stamping area

5. Pattern scar: too long hot stamping time 

6.Pattern color shades :uneven pressure or uneven object transfer coating 

7. Sticky paper: too high temperature or bad object transfer coating.

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